Berlin lion updates — Cops CALL OFF search as they confirm suspected big cat in German capital is actually a wild boar

GERMAN police have halted the search for a suspected lioness roaming the nation’s capital – saying it’s more than likely to be a common wild BOAR.

Officials advised the residents of Berlin‘s southern suburbs not to leave their houses on Thursday and to keep their pets indoors as news of the escaped beast filtered throughout the German capital.

Hundreds of officers joined “Operation Lion Hunt” in the capital’s southern suburbs but no trace of the animal was found overnight.

And in a press conference on Friday, German cops said “everything indicates it is not a lioness” – and believe the animal in the original amateur video was “with relative certainty” a boar – a common animal that frequents the outskirts of Berlin.

It comes after cops confirmed no paw prints or DNA material – such as animal waste – was found near the area to suggest that it was a lion.

Read our live blog below for the latest updates…

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