Terrifying moment tornado tears through Milan ripping off roofs and sparking 110 rescues

THIS is the horrifying moment a tornado ripped through the streets of Milan.

Parts of the city in Lombardy, northern Italy, have been left filled with fallen trees and damaged buildings after being battered by wind and rain.

Corriere TVA huge tornado has swept through Milan[/caption]

Terrifying footage shows a twister sweeping through the streets between Gessate and Cernusco sul Naviglio.

Debris can be seen spinning in the air as black clouds loom over.

Firefighters have been sent on more than 110 calls as bad weather plagues the city, with many areas flooded.

It is feared some people may have been injured, reports Italian weather site MeteoWeb.

A van was swept into a canal in the village of Bubbiano – but fortunately, the driver managed to scramble to safety.

And another motorist had a lucky escape when a tree fell onto their car in Cinisello Balsamo.

The tornado began sweeping through the city at around 11am local time (10am BST), according to local media.

The extent of the damage is unclear – but roofs have been ripped off many homes as fallen trees block roads.

It comes two years after several tornadoes unleashed hell on northern Italy.

A series of twisters swept through Po Valley, between Lombardy and Emilia, after another tornado hit the island of Pantelleria.

At least six tornadoes struck Lombardy, while a seventh ripped through Emilia.

Meanwhile in 2018, incredible footage showed a colossal tornado barrelling over choppy seas towards a tourist resort in Italy.

The video clip shows a tornadic waterspout, which looks like a superstorm from the blockbuster movie Twister, moving towards the south-western city of Salerno.

Witnesses said the massive column of water lifted around 20 heavy shipping containers in the port city and threw them around like children’s toys.

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