How The Open food and drink prices compare to Wimbledon after fans were left stunned at eye-watering prices

GOLF fans hoping for significant savings on food and drink at The Open compared to Wimbledon may be a little disappointed.

Those that swanned off to SW19 earlier this month were met by eye-watering prices as they looked to grab a bit of lunch and some beverages.

Fans have plenty of catering options at The Open

Wimbledon charged these prices earlier this month

Pints of beer at Wimbledon cost between £7.20 and £7.55 – while a single Pimm’s set punters back £9.70.

Meanwhile, an underwhelmingly sized 330ml can of Singha beer costs a staggering £5.50 at The Open.

Although fans can make savings on a glass of wine, with a 187ml serving having cost £9.70 at Wimbledon, compared to £8 at The Open.

At SW19, fans could buy an assortment of hot snacks, including £6.30 pasties, £4.80 sausage rolls and a £5.80 serving of Mac ‘n’ Cheese bites.

Sushi was also available starting from £7.50.

The Open’s breakfast menu features a series of £5 baps, as well as £3.50 granola, protein or fruit pots.

For lunch, sweet chilli chicken thighs cost £13, with bang bang cauliflower flatbread and samosa chaat available at the same price.

Sandwiches at The Open start at £5 and rise to £5.50 – with Wimbledon’s similarly beginning at £4.55.


Fans had plenty of alcohol options at Wimbledon

The Open charges £13 for pizza

While salads are priced at £8.50.

A series of bakery items, including pains au chocolat and butter croissants cost £2.50 a pop.

Soft drinks in 330ml cans, including Coca-Cola and Sprite are £2.50, with Coke Zero having cost £2.25 at Wimbledon.

A bag of crisps at The Open is priced at £2, having been £2.20 at the All England Club.

And fans at The Open can also grab a pizza during their visit – although it’ll set them back £13.

GettyFans have been flocking to The Open this week[/caption]

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