GDP Computation Testament To Kwara’s Data-driven Development – Group

A leading pro-democracy group, Kwara Must Change has described the ongoing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) computation in Kwara State as a testament to the state’s commitment to data driven development.
The group noted that the GDP computation is the first of its kinds the state.

It recommended that the GDP computation should include electricity access,human capital index, poverty index, corruption I ndex and peace index ; all of which are essential policy making instruments to bring about impactful development through the aid of data.

In a statement by its convener, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, the group said that it received with excitement, the news of the ongoing computation of GDP in Kwara State ” which is not only the first of its kind in Kwara, but a pioneering move in Nigeria, as all data estimates currently in use in all 36 States of Nigeria are estimates by third party agents that are not only out of date, but also unreliable.”

“Kwara State GDP computation initiative provides an opportunity to adequately capture the informal economic activities in the state, which many believe account for more economic activities than the formal economy” the group said.

It said that the digital economy should be adequately internalized, including crypto, content creation, etc, adding that the ongoing GDP computation should reflect the various sectors of the economy.
The group noted that the Kwara State government has embarked on a landmark initiative with potential to make a huge difference in the state economy, noting that the initiative will be a reference point that captures the baseline assessment for the economy.

It called for the support of the people towards the success of the project, particularly on the kind of data provided to the authoritiesduring the exercise.

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