Why Tinubu Created Livestock Dev’t Ministry — Federal Gov’t

The federal government has explained the reasons why President Bola Tinubu created the Ministry of Livestock Development.

Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Lateef Fagbemi, SAN, said it was borne out of the need to enhance protein production, increase employment opportunities and government revenue.

Speaking to State House correspondents after the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting on Wednesday, he further said the proposed ministry would focus on livestock development, allowing the Ministry of Agriculture to concentrate on other areas.

He explained that the primary focus is what Nigerians and the government stand to gain in terms of revenue and other positive additions.

“President formerly informed Council that a ministry known as Ministry of Livestock Development is being established and this is because he believes that the Ministry of Agriculture should be broken into two, one concentrating on livestock development because of what we stand to achieve in terms of protein, in terms of employment, in terms earnings for the government and how this one will rub off on the lives of an ordinary Nigerian citizens,” he said.

While acknowledging that creating a new ministry may seem counterintuitive to the government’s goal of reducing governance costs, Fagbemi emphasised that the benefits of the decision would outweigh the costs.

The new ministry would facilitate large-scale livestock production, generate revenue and employment opportunities for Nigerians.

The Attorney General of the Federation highlighted the importance of improving protein intake, a key aspect of the government’s policy on livestock development.

“So in respect of the Ministry of Livestock Development, in relation to the government policy of reducing governance (cost), to every general rule, there must be an exception, what will dictate the decision of government, what is guiding the addition of government or action or reaction of government is the overall interest of Nigerian citizens.

“So in respect of this livestock, the President has taken very serious look at the contribution of agriculture. Agriculture, now divided into two, having announced that there is going to be another ministry, it goes without saying that those implications will also go with it.

“I agree that, that may cost money, but it will be done in a way that the benefits will by far outweigh the losses or the concern that you may express.

“I have talked about this livestock and I said one, apart from improving the protein intake of our people, it also provides money for government because it’s going to be on large scale that will ensure money or revenue for government, and there is also going to be increased employment opportunities for people. So these are some of the areas that I think I should clear,” the nation’s chief law officer clarified.

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