Toyin Abraham Faces Backlash Over Alleged Detention Of Social Media User

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham is facing public backlash for allegedly detaining an X user who defamed her.

Abraham has, however, debunked the claims, insisting she never illegally arrested the individual or the mother and declaring her readiness to die over the issue.

The actress addressed the fast-spreading claims during an Instagram live session on July 10, 2024, emphasising that, contrary to the rumours, she did not arrest anyone’s mother.

“I said I wasn’t going to say anything anymore, but there are some things that you can’t accuse me wrongly of and expect me not to say something. I would not arrest anybody’s mum because I have a mother as well.

“I never arrested anyone’s mother. I have not committed any crime, and I have only exercised my democratic rights, and they keep bullying me,” Abraham stated.

Expressing deep frustration with the backlash she received online, Abraham hinted at extreme distress and asserted her readiness to die and take those who defame or bully her along.

“I came online on social media to beg everybody to leave me the hell alone. As I am, I want to die. I am ready to die, but before I die, a lot of you bullies will die with me. You bullies have pushed me to the wall, and I have gone insane.

“Now I want to die; I wish to die; I did not commit any crimes; I came out to beg you guys and tell you that I did not collect any money from anybody,” she continued.

The controversy has drawn reactions from several celebrities, including Mr. Macaroni, who warned against using fame and clout to intimidate or lock up fellow citizens.

Posting on his X handle, the skitmaker wrote,
“I hope those of you supporting this abuse of power won’t cry foul when you or your loved ones are the victims. To be clear, this is not to support online bullying and harassment.

“I strongly condemn it and believe that those involved should be made to face the consequences of their actions,” Macaroni stated.

“I am a victim myself, and I know how mentally damaging it is. But go to court and seek justice like the rest of us do. Don’t use your friends in government to illegally detain citizens.

“It may favour you now, but think about tomorrow when you no longer have that power or the closeness to that power. It might not be you; it might be someone you care about. What will become of us if everyone takes the law into their own hands?”

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