Smells of popular breakfast item boost brain power and make us happy, say boffins

SMELLS of bacon boost brain power and make us happy, scientists say.

The breakfast favourite has 150 scents including some that spark activity in our little grey cells.

GettyBacon smells boost brain power and make us happy, claim scientists[/caption]

Experts found the porky pong heightens our sense of smell, alertness, memory and ability to process what we see.

The whiff of sizzling streaky rashers also provide serotonin and dopamine rushes that put us in a good mood.

Even the mention of the word bacon sparks our pleasure-eating drivers into action.

The research also found bacon can aid communication between the brain and gut — potentially boosting digestion and the body’s immune responses.

Prof Hugo Alexandre Ferreira, of the University of Lisbon, analysed bacon studies from across the world.

He said: “The sensory and nutritional elements of bacon can play a role in cognitive enhancement when introduced as part of a well-balanced diet.”

In one trial Prof Ferreira looked at, a Mediterranean diet including lean pork led to higher brain processing speed and emotional role functioning compared to a low-fat diet.

Additional trials showed the same findings with bacon, he said.

For his research, he teamed up with Bristol-based bacon and sausage firm The Jolly Hog.

Its co-founder Olly Kohn said: “We’ve always known a bacon butty is a great way to start the day, so to hear there is real ­science backing it makes us even more determined to spread joy with our products.”

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