Livestock: Waste of resources, duplication of existing ministry – CUPP

The Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, has slammed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the creation of a new Ministry called Livestock Development.

DAILY POST reported that Tinubu had on Tuesday announced the creation of a Federal Ministry of Livestock Development following the lingering crisis between farmers and herders across the country.

In a statement signed by Chief Peter Ameh, its national Secretary, CUPP described the creation of the new ministry as a political juxtaposed and financial misadventure.

He said the move was a waste of resources and a duplication of the existing Ministry of Agriculture, urging the President to rather strengthen the department under the Ministry of Agriculture and ensure proper supervision.

“It is imperative to carefully analyze the rationale behind the creation of such a ministry and assess whether it aligns with the country’s overarching agricultural development goals,” he said.

“One must consider if the new ministry will indeed address the specific needs and challenges facing the livestock sector, or if its establishment is merely a political maneuver lacking substantial substance.

“Furthermore, stakeholders should closely monitor the functions and activities of the Ministry of Livestock to ensure that it complements rather than undermines the existing Ministry of Agriculture.

”Transparency in decision-making processes and accountability in resource allocation will be crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of this new governmental entity.

“Ultimately, the true test of the Ministry of Livestock’s worth will lie in its ability to positively impact the livelihoods of livestock farmers and contribute meaningfully to the overall growth and development of the agricultural sector.

“The establishment of a Ministry of Livestock alongside an existing Ministry of Agriculture is indeed a topic of concern. The duplication of efforts and resources can potentially create inefficiencies and confusion within the government’s infrastructure.

”It is essential for a government to prioritize the needs of its citizens and ensure that public resources are utilized effectively for the greater good.

“The perceived lack of attention towards the common man raises questions about the government’s commitment to serving its people.

“The Orosonya report being disregarded further highlights the disconnect between governance and accountability. Such actions can undermine public trust and erode confidence in the government’s ability to address pressing issues.

“It is crucial for governments to prioritize transparency, accountability, and efficiency in their decision-making processes to ensure the effective delivery of services to all citizens. By addressing these concerns, governments can demonstrate their commitment to good governance and earning the trust of the people they serve.”

Livestock: Waste of resources, duplication of existing ministry – CUPP

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