Adamawa sues FG over deductions from Federation Account

The Adamawa State Government, questioning deductions from the Federation Account, has gone to the Supreme Court seeking interpretation of Section 162 (1), (2) and (3) of the constitution regarding the distribution of revenue from the account.

“The entire sum in the Federation Account must be distributed among all levels of government without deductions, except as permitted by law,” the government insists, according to a statement released Wednesday evening by Governor Ahmadu Fintiri’s Chief Press Secretary, Humwashi Wonosikou.

“The President must comply strictly with the Constitution in managing and distributing revenue,” the Adamawa State Government stressed, adding, “all revenue collected, except those exempted by the Constitution, must be paid into the Federation Account for distribution to all tiers of government.”

The state government said it is seeking a declaration from the Supreme Court that any deductions or withholdings made without constitutional backing be declared unconstitutional.

“The Federal Government’s discretion to manage revenue is limited to only what is expressly permitted by the Constitution,” the government stated.

It added that it is seeking a strict interpretation of the Constitution to ensure that revenue distribution should be without arbitrary deductions or withholdings by the Federal Government.

Adamawa sues FG over deductions from Federation Account

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