Innovate UK, Ekiti Gov’t Unveil 2nd Young Innovators Programme With £7,000 Prize

Innovate UK Global Alliance Africa has launched the second edition of the Young Innovators Programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Digital Economy (MISDE) in Ekiti State.

The second edition will focus on sustainable innovation and practical solutions to local challenges. The initiative aligns with the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Digital Economy (MISDE) and Innovate UK’s broader strategy to drive economic development and technological advancement in Ekiti State.

This year’s programme, designed to inspire and support the next generation of innovators, will also see the winner take home £7,000 to help provide access to innovation support, including mentorship, training and startup capital.

The programme will be co-designed to ensure it meets the unique needs of young innovators in Ekiti State and will include key elements such as a comprehensive selection process, interactive workshops, and mentoring sessions.

By involving industry experts, educational institutions, and past participants, the programme aims to create a dynamic and supportive environment for innovation development.

“We are thrilled to announce the return of the Young Innovators Programme which builds on the success of last year’s edition. We are looking forward to an even better programme this year,” said Innovate UK Country Lead, Joshua Adedeji.

“Our commitment remains resolute: to empower young innovators in Ekiti State by providing them with the essential resources and support needed to turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality,” he added.

The collaborative effort demonstrated the commitment on both sides to nurture a culture of innovation that not only transcends competition but inspires continuous growth and development in our local communities.

Ekiti State’s Commissioner for Innovation, Science, and Digital Economy, Seun Fakuade, recently visited the Innovate UK Global Alliance Africa office in Nigeria to finalise plans for this year’s program.

The visit underscored the commitment of both organisations to foster a robust innovation ecosystem in Ekiti State through the Innovate UK Place-Based Innovation (PBI) initiative. PBI leverages UK and pan-African expertise, networks and resources in order to build capacity for local innovation ecosystem players to drive forward stronger, more sustainable and more inclusive local ecosystems.

Commissioner Fakuade said: “The first edition of the Young Innovators Programme was a tremendous success, with 10 innovators in the cohort. The top three innovators Odunola Olabintan of Health City, Yomi Adetunji of RISE (Rice Inventory Storage Exchange), and Mayowa Olajide of Motivar took home a total of £5,000 in prizes.

“This year, we are raising the stakes with a £7,000 prize to further encourage and reward the innovative spirit among our youth.”














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