Power, Water, IoT cofab designed to close energy sector gaps –Taneja

By Bolaji Okunola

Managing Director of Vertex Group, Shitiji Taneja, has said the Power, Water, and IoT exhibition organised by the company in Nigeria was designed to address the inefficiencies plaguing the country’s energy sector.

The show, according to him, showcased innovative solutions and exposed exhibitors to cutting-edge technologies in the power and water utilisation space.

Taneja, who noted that more than 70 exhibitors attended the show, revealed that despite Nigeria’s robust infrastructure capabilities, the sector still faces significant challenges.

But he drew attention to hydropower technology, solar energy systems, and hydroelectric storage facilities as potential solutions to the sector’s difficulties.

“Challenges associated with power supply and distribution value chain in Nigeria has made it compelling for consumers to explore greener, more sustainable sources of energy that are off-grid,” Taneja said.

The exhibition sought to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry stakeholders and experts, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the growth and development of Nigeria’s power utility sector.

“One of the aims why we organised this exhibition in Nigeria is to unfold growing technologies for the power utility sector. The event is going to incorporate discussions and seminars with industry leaders, workshops, and networking, where reputed speakers, businesses, and advisory members of councils will represent their businesses and opportunities for the future of the power and water sector.

“With evolving technology and innovation driven by the existence of data centres, the power, water, utility ecosystem is getting better as the connectivity of systems is making it easier to track usage and reduce wastages as the government rolls out new policies that will reduce carbon emission footprints.

“As Africa continues to experience rapid economic growth and technological transformation, these events will act as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development as numerous exhibitors keep showing interest in making sure their goods and services are displayed before spectators,” Taneja stated.

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