Three ways to help cut out bad stuff and cleanse your body from ultra-processed food and alcohol

WE all know  we should eat more fresh, whole foods – but all too often do not manage it.

The UK gets through more ultra-processed foods than any other European country and we have one of the world’s highest levels of alcohol consumption per capita. Today, I look at ways to help cut out the bad stuff and cleanse your body.

Free app

The Yuka app is the first step to eliminating ultra-processed food from your diet

THE first step when it comes to detoxing from ultra-processed foods is to gradually eliminate them from your diet. 

Want to try? Let Yuka be your new bestie. I love it. 

It is free and all you do is zap a barcode and it tells you if food is bad, poor or excellent and then breaks it down to show the additives, salt, sugar and nutritional value of each.

It also gives you an alternative food to try that is less ultra processed

This is the best health app I have tried, especially when you think  UPF has been linked to  cancer, Alzheimer’s and more. 


Steam clean

You can find a steam room at David Lloyd gyms for some detoxification

HAVING a steam has been used for detoxification since ancient times.

 They are typically kept somewhere around 110 degrees with a humidity of up to 100 per cent. 

Regular use can help your lungs expel more toxins than normal, while sweating opens up the pores to help cleanse the outer skin.

A ten to 15-minute  session has been shown to help people flush out potentially dangerous chemical irritants.

One Chinese study found heavy metals were excreted in greater quantities through sweat than urine.

Many local leisure clubs have them. David Lloyd has clubs across the UK with spa retreats, gyms and classes.

It has an upgraded Platinum three-month membership offer starting at £164 per person a month, depending on the club.

Detox capsule kit

Try this detox kit from The Organic Pharmacy

IF juicing or devising your own detox sounds a bit hardcore, then this kit from The Organic Pharmacy is a great idea.

It is a kit that has a big aim to restore people’s gut health, improve sleep, boost immunity and increase energy levels in just ten days.

The pack contains detox capsules, which claim to enhance digestion, repair the gut, cleanse the colon, support liver and kidney function and metabolise sugar and carbohydrates.

It also all comes with a book of recipe ideas. But if you wanted to opt for a simpler method, you could  cut out booze, dairy, meat and wheat for a more gentle cleanse. 

Did it work? The fatty acids  curbed my hunger and I felt great after – and my skin was less dry.

Ten-day detox kit, £99.95,

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