General Election UK weather forecast shows London will have a good day for voting

London will see sunny spells for the General Election (Picture:

It is officially election day, and that means millions of us will have to leave the house to have our say in the democratic process.

While some organised postal votes to avoid this, unfortunately even those plans were thwarted as not all of them arrived on time.

So given that we’ll be lining up to reach the ballot box, let’s have a look at whether we need to take an umbrella.

What is the weather forecast on election day?

The UK is set for mixed weather with a split between the potentially rainy north and sunnier south, the Met Office has said.

London will see a dry and bright day, with patchy cloud, sunny intervals, and winds strengthening in the afternoon.

Rain may arrive from the west by the end of the night, forecasters said, and it could even feel summery with a maximum temperature of 22°C.

It comes after some wetter days in the capital, including over the start of the Wimbledon tennis championship, where people camped out in the ticket queue had to get their umbrellas and raincoats out to avoid a drenching.

A sunny day for the Hartlepool by-election on May 6, 2021 (Picture: Getty)

People braving the queue for Wimbledon today, with jumpers on and hoodies up on Tuesday (Picture: Getty)

Umbrellas were also up as rain started falling at the 185th Henley Royal Regatta(Picture: Shutterstock)

Last time the nation went to the polls was in December 2019 and the weather was rainy (Picture: Getty)

Forecaster Greg Dewhurst said temperatures would be average for the time of year and said there were no weather warnings for any part of the country as it votes in the General Election.

Mr Dewhurst said: ‘Areas south of Liverpool should be mostly dry with sunny spells. Temperatures there will be around average for this time of year with most places seeing high teens and early 20s.

‘The far south-west corner of the UK could see some showers by the end of the day in places like Cornwall, Devon and south west Wales, where we’re expecting bigger and patchy light rain clouds to form towards the end of the day.’

Cardiff will see temperatures of about 18°C and sunny spells, he said.

Mr Dewhurst added: ‘There’ll be some occasional showers in the northern half of the UK, most frequently in northern Scotland, but these could be hit or miss. Not everyone will see them on Thursday.’

Liverpool will see highs of 17°C accompanied by sunshine and showers, he said, with Edinburgh and Manchester seeing sunny spells and showers with temperatures around 18°C.

Turnout is not generally affected by weather conditions, records suggest.

According to the Parliament website, despite the last general election in 2019 being the wettest since records began in 1931, turnout was actually higher (67.3%) than in 2001 (59.4%) and 2005 (61.4%) when polling days fell in June and May respectively.

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