Follow the General Election results moment by moment with our maps and charts

The General Election exit poll may have been released, but the long night of nail-biting results has only just begun.

Historic exit polls show the Tories are on course for a seismic collapse picking up just 131 seats.

This would be the Conservative Party’s lowest number of MPs on record.

Labour are set for a landslide win with 410 seats – a 326 seat majority.

You can keep up to date with the latest breaking news – and how Team Metro is coping with their all-nighter – in our election live blog.

Results are due to start trickling through from 11.30pm with Blyth & Ashington expected to be the first announced.

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But if you also love to follow the hard data and get a sense of the bigger picture of how the country voted, then this is the page for you.

Below you will find a series of maps and charts that will update through the night as the results come in for all 650 constituencies around the country.

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