Female cruise passengers lob chairs and drag each other to floor in huge fight

The women fighting onboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship (Picture: rizzarioman123)

A group of women onboard a cruise were caught on camera throwing chairs and punches at each other in a drunken brawl.

Video footage, taken by a bemused onlooker who just wanted a slice of pizza, shows the passengers warring in the early hours of the morning on the Carnival Paradise.

The ship, run by Carnival Cruise Line, was on its final night of a five-day cruise from the US to Central America when the ruckus broke out in a dining room.

In the clip, women can be seen hurling chairs, throwing punches, piling on top of each other and screaming.


The man who filmed it, fellow passenger Nick Richardson, can be heard shouting ‘Welcome to the mother f******g cruise’, before saying, ‘No, no, not me man’ as the brawl gets closer to him.

The dad-of-three, who was on the cruise with his family, later told the New York Post: ‘In my opinion, (it was) just a bunch of people on their last night, probably drank too much.

‘Obviously some kind of misunderstanding. They didn’t give a s**t who was watching.

The fight was between several women in one of the dining room (Picture: rizzarioman123)

‘They didn’t care,’ he added. ‘They just kept going.’

Nick, who posted the video on YouTube, said he had walked into the dining room at around 3am to get some food when the fight started.

He can be heard in the video saying he just wanted a slice of pizza before bed, and at one point says, ‘Let’s all get some pizza,’ trying to calm the women down.

A spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line confirmed the incident and told the New York Post the ship’s security team had intervened.

The firm said, as is their policy ‘such behaviour’ is not tolerated and the guests would not be sailing with them again.

Nick said the brawl didn’t ruined the trip for him and his family and that they all had a fantastic time travelling to Honduras and Cozumel.

A passenger throws a chair (Picture: rizzarioman123)

Nick Richardson stumbled across the fight while looking for pizza and decided to film it (Picture: @nickr5777)

He has even booked to go on another Carnival cruise in the spring.

It’s not the first time a massive fight has broken out on a Carnival ship.

In 2022, 40-60 passengers got involved in bust-up on Carnival Magic on the last night of a Caribbean cruise.

According to a witness, it started as an argument between two people on the dance floor when one became jealous over a threesome.

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