Benue records 16 suspected cholera cases, four deaths

John Charles

The Benue State Government says it has recorded four deaths from suspected cases of cholera.

The State Epidemiologist, Dr Henry Ijabo, disclosed this to journalists on Thursday, stating that 16 suspected cases were recorded.

He said the suspected cases were detected in three local government areas of the state – Agatu, Otukpo, and Ado.

The epidemiologist said, “The death in suspected cases is four, mind you, it’s suspected cases. We don’t have confirmed cases in Benue yet.

“All that we have are suspected cases. Out of the 16 suspected cases, four died, they exhibited symptoms that are keeping with cholera but not confirmed.”

He, however, said the four cases died while the investigation was still ongoing.

Cholera, according to the experts, is a waterborne disease and the risk of transmission is higher where there is poor sanitation and disruption of potable water supply.

Presently, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the disease in 115 Local Government Areas, across 32 states.



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