Yakubu Dogara reveals his allowance as Speaker was 25m, salary N400k

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara, stated on Wednesday that his total allowance during his tenure as Speaker was N25 million, while his salary was N400,000.

Dogara emphasized the need for the clarification due to what he said was widespread misconceptions about the earnings of National Assembly members.

Speaking at the two-day House of Representatives open week celebration in Abuja, Dogara highlighted the importance of allowing legislators to perform their duties without undue financial pressure.

He expressed concern over the negative perception of the National Assembly, where members are often unfairly labeled as thieves.

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“While I was Speaker, my salary was 400 thousand naira and my total allowance was 25 million naira,” Dogara stated.

He recounted how he managed his allowances, ensuring they were used solely for the benefit of his constituents. “I told my accountant to open a separate account for the allowances and I never for once took any money out of that account,” he added.

Addressing the financial demands placed on legislators, Dogara said, “I am saying this so Nigerians will give their legislatures breathing space and know that the narrative is not true about members’ pay.”

The former speaker did not however clarify wether the allowance was collected monthly, yearly, or it was what he got for his four years duration as speaker.

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