Putin’s attack submarines spotted conducting ‘missions’ around Irish waters

It’s the second time the subs have been spotted in the Irish Sea since Russia invaded Ukraine (Picture: Getty)

Putin’s submarines have been spotted in the Irish Sea – for a second time since Russia invaded Ukraine.

Forces are now scrambling to further protect UK and Irish waters after the Kilo-class attack submarines conducted ‘missions’ off of Ireland.

Legally, it’s believed Russia’s ‘missions’ have broken international law, as submarines must travel on the surface of territorial waters.

US officials were reportedly ‘aware’ of the submarine movements – thought to be an intimidation tactic to challenge UK support of Ukraine.

The second instance of Russian submarines near the UK coast was only reported days ago, according to Bloomberg.

One of the subs was reportedly ‘chased away’ from Cork Harbour in southern Ireland. Cork is the end point for a long undersea cable which connects to Canada and the UK.

The kilo-class submarine has been used in the Ukraine war (Picture: Reuters)

A source in the UK military told Bloomberg the extent of the submarine movements went ‘beyond what UK officials had previously seen’.

The submarine Russia sent to the Irish Sea 18 months ago was a diesel-electric attack submarine, which has the ability to fire cruise missiles. The model is being used in the Ukraine war.

Russia has been increasing their military exercises in recent months, even conducting joint military drills in Cuba.

Four Russian vessels, including a nuclear submarine and a naval frigate, crossed the mouth of Havana Bay last month.

The submarines have also been spotted off the coast of Scotland (Picture: Getty)

Russia is a long-time ally of Venezuela and Cuba, and its warships and aircraft have periodically made forays into the Caribbean.

But the June mission to Cuba came less than two weeks after Biden finally lifted an embargo for Ukraine to use US-provided weapons to strike inside Russia to protect Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

In response, Putin threatened that his military could respond with ‘asymmetrical steps’ elsewhere in the world.

Days prior to the arrival of Russia’s nuclear submarines in Cuba, UK security officials were notified the vessels passed by the coast of Scotland.

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