General Election latest: Party leaders ramp up final day of campaigning before nation heads to the polls

Party leaders are ready for their final day of campaigning (Picture: Metro)

The end of the 2024 General Election is nearly in sight as Brits get ready to hit the polls.

Voting opens in less than 24 hours and party leaders are scrambling to prove to the electorate they are the best choice in the final day of campaigning.

Polling predicts Labour will win 484 seats, with the Conservatives holding on to just 64.

But campaigning is not over yet, with Rishi Sunak ending his trail in Hampshire after saying overnight he feared a Labour ‘supermajority’.

Meanwhile Sir Keir Starmer will be speaking to voters across England, Scotland and Wales, confirming he will be constituencies ‘where we haven’t necessarily won before’.

There is no doubt Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey will be in for another fun day after enjoying surf lessons off the Cornish Coast yesterday.

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