APC Youths Tackle Marafa Over ‘Factionalisation’ Of Party

The Zamfara State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth Alliance has refuted Senator Kabiru Marafa’s recent assertion of leading a faction within the party in the state.


In a statement issued by the group’s chairman, Tijjani Kaula Shinkafi, Marafa was described as politically insignificant in Zamfara politics without any substantial political influence.


The youth group urged Marafa to acknowledge his futile political endeavours and accept his waning significance in the political landscape of Zamfara State.


Additionally, the statement clarified that Marafa’s alleged leadership of a faction within the APC lacked substance, asserting that he stood isolated and bereft of any considerable support within the party.


The APC Youth Alliance’s resolute repudiation, he said, underscored a stark rejection of Marafa’s purported involvement in Zamfara politics, portraying him as a lone figure detached from the party’s core leadership and membership.


Shinkafi sharply criticised Senator Kabiru Marafa, describing him as a “featherweight” politician who has lost all relevance and is now mired in irrelevance. Shinkafi argued that Marafa’s attempts to compare himself to prominent political figures like Abdulaziz Yari and Bello Matawalle are utterly delusional. Shinkafi went on to state that, “The sooner Marafa wakes up from his delusion and accepts the stark reality that he is a

politically spent force with no future, the better for him.”


The statement went on to assert that Marafa’s claim of leading a faction of the APC in Zamfara State was baseless and unfounded, as he had no support or following within the party.


“Marafa is a lone ranger who has been abandoned by his own people and has no political relevance or influence in Zamfara State. His delusions of grandeur are laughable and pathetic,” Shinkafi added.

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