Chadian Forces, Not MNJTF Killed 70 Terrorists — Official

The Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has said the Chadian Rapid Intervention Forces were responsible for killing 70 terrorists in the Lake Chad Basin.

This is contrary to earlier reports that the MNJTF forces killed 70 Boko Haram terrorists and destroyed five of their camps.

A statement by the Chief Military Information Officer, Lt-Col. Abdullahi Abubakar said the terrorists were killed by the Chadian forces in their territory.

“For accuracy, it is essential to note that this operation and the subsequent neutralisation of these terrorists were solely conducted by the Chadian Armed Forces within their territory in the Lake Chad Basin Area,” Lt-Col. Abubakar said.


The Chadian military officially announced this achievement during a press conference on 30 June 2024.


“We apologise for any confusion caused by the previous press release, which may have been misinterpreted. The MNJTF respects and acknowledges the significant accomplishments of the Chadian Forces in combating terrorism. Moving forward, we are committed to providing clear and precise information to ensure proper attribution of military operations and their outcomes,” he said.

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