Boy thrown from the top of Tate Modern is now able to play by himself

The French youngster was six when he was thrown from a Tate Modern balcony (Picture: PA)

A boy who was seriously injured after being thrown from the top the Tate Modern is now able to play by himself, say his family.

The French youngster was six when teenager Jonty Bravery picked him up and chucked him off the 10th floor balcony of the London gallery in August 2019.

The child, on holiday with his parents, suffered life changing changing injuries in the 100ft (30m) fall, including a bleed on the brain and broken bones, but incredibly survived.

Bravery, who was 17 at the time, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was jailed in 2020 for 15 years.

The boy’s parents have now posted an update on a GoFundMe page, saying how proud they are of his progress since the attack.

Calling him their ‘notre petit chevalier’ – our little knight – they say he has become more more independent and is able to choose activities and play by himself.

They wrote: ‘He can go play in the garden with the dog, sit down to draw, build with his Legos, take a board game or read in his room.

Emergency outside Tate Modern after the boy was thrown from the top of the building (Picture: PA)

‘He is more careful in his movements and in his actions in general, which allows him to start helping in the house by feeding the dog for example, or clearing his plate.

‘He is very proud now to be able to open his shutters by himself and above all to finally access the refrigerator to serve himself his dessert.’

They said the youngster, who spent months in intensive care, is having to work a lot harder than the other children in his class at school to keep up with lessons, but is continuing to ‘progress’ and ‘learn new concepts’.

They added: ‘His memory has greatly improved. He is now able to remember events that happened to him that same day or to talk spontaneously about a subject mentioned an hour previously.

Jonty Bravery pleaded guilty to attempted murder (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

A sketch of Bravery (right) appearing at the Old Bailey via video link from Broadmoor Hospital for his sentence hearing (Picture: PA)

‘This remains very fragmentary compared to normal, but it is enormous progress which really helps our daily life.

‘We continue to be proud of our son’s efforts and his progress. We are in awe of his courage.

‘As always, a huge thank you to all of you for following and supporting us throughout our son’s healing journey. We stay on course and don’t give up.’

Autistic teenager Bravery was in supported accommodation at the time of the attack but allowed out unsupervised.

He intended to select and kill someone, a court was later told.

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