Govt Officials Feasting, Nigerians Suffering – ADP

The Action Democratic Party (ADP) has said while Nigerians languish in acute hardship caused by President Bola Tinubu’s policies, those in the corridors of power are busy feasting.

The ADP chairman and the party’s presidential candidate at the 2023 polls, Yabagi Sani, said this at a national convention in Abuja to mark the seventh anniversary of the party.
He called on Tinubu to look into the situation Nigerians find themselves in today, describing the state of the nation as perilous, unpredictable and unsecure.

He said: “Our farmers have been chased out of their farmland by the owners of the forest, and the government is dining and winning, in a jamboree.

“From security of lives and properties which is the primary essence of governance to booming economy, to education, science and technology, food security and eventually, to industrialisation, ADP shall scientifically, strategically and meticulously, through guided planning turn around the fortunes of Nigerians after 2027.

“By the failures of PDP and APC, enough campaign materials are readily available to win the hearts of our people. I would wish to use this opportunity to advise the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to up their game in 2027.”

The ADP 2023 Presidential candidate, Yabagi stated that the event is an opportunity to take stock of their achievements and strategise for the future.

“This non-elective convention is a fulfilment of one of our constitutional provisions as stated in Article 20.1(b). Permit me to at this juncture, thank the resilience, doggedness, endurance of all our loyal members.
“I know it is not easy to build a young party while the so-called behemoth parties are there, beckoning to you with their stolen money to betray your own party.

I do know that the strength of a man or woman lies in sticking to what he, or she believes in. I therefore encourage you to continue to stick on with ADP because of your love for your country,” he said.

In his remarks, the national organising secretary of the party, Alex Maiyanga, urged delegates of the Party, to work for more electoral victories for the party in the 2027 elections and more importantly for the success of the party’s governorship candidate in the November 16 Ondo Governorship election.

He said, “Let us all take a cue from Plateau State as we work hard towards 2027. I must also encourage the Ondo leadership to work assiduously for the victory of our candidate, Emmanuel Akinnodi, in the forthcoming gubernatorial election.”

In his speech, Senator Pam Dachungyang, representing Plateau North in the 10th National Assembly, called on the delegates to be committed to the ideals of the party as it will win more elections in the near future.

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