Doctors agree to 90 per cent of sick notes often with no diagnosis, shock figures show

DOCTORS say yes to 90 per cent of sick notes — often with no diagnosis — shock figures show.

The number of fitness to work certificates being issued annually has more than doubled in the past ten years.

GettyDoctors says yes to 90 per cent of sick notes — often with no diagnosis[/caption]

There has been a 292 per cent spike for stress-related disorders.

Experts predict incapacity benefits will cost taxpayers £90billion by 2028 — up from £44billion in 2017.

A Policy Exchange think tank report says that of those signed off for six months, 80 per cent will never go back to work.

It blames “a de facto system of self-certification” where GPs are too busy to make proper recommendations.

From 2021 to last April doctors signed 11million sick notes for workers off longer than a week.

In 2015 just 5.million were issued.

Some 93 per cent were stamped “not fit for work”, while 71 per cent contained no diagnosis.

Report author Sean Phillips said: “Our current approach to assessments of fitness for work is not effective.

“Too many people are being signed off for periods which may be damaging to their prospects of a return to work.”

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