Dambe Taken To Next Level As Fighters Earn Fortunes

The Dambe fight tournament introduced by Dambe Warriors had taken the traditional sport to another level as it is seen to be improving the livelihoods of the local boxers as well as rewarding their talents in Kano State.
At least 18 fighters have been signed on for the super fight league in the lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight league rankings.

Addressing newsmen in Kano, the co-organiser of the tournament, Chidi Anyina, said Dambe Warriors is aimed at promoting the traditional boxing, Dambe, to a world-class stage that will attract a wider audience across the globe.

“We have put all the warriors on a salary, appearance fees, bonuses and those that get to the finals automatically get N500,000 and the winner goes home with N1 million.
“Every month a fighter gets a minimum of N400,000 to N800,000. Throughout the season they end up with nothing less than N3 million all within three months of the season.

“They are now gaining from talents. We want to take it as far as it should be and attract attention all around the world.”
Earlier, the traditional boxers used to earn less than N10,000 which inevitably discouraged many from showing dedication and commitment to the sport.
However, with the coming on board of the new sponsors things have changed positively and the athletes are now proud of their talents.

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