Terrifying moment great white shark slams into diver’s cage and comes just inches from camera as beast bares teeth

THIS terrifying video shows a great white ramming a diver’s cage as its teeth loom only inches from a tourist’s face.

Footage shows the nearly ten-foot long predator chomping down on the bars of the submerged cage – containing a woman.

MEDIADRUMThe shark bared its terrifying teeth to bite down on the diving cage’s bars[/caption]

MEDIADRUMThe creature was chillingly close to this tourist watching from inside the cage[/caption]

The killing machine even opens its jaws inches from the cameraman, right before it turns to investigate the cage instead.

Videographer and founder of White Shark Ocean Project Mark Graham, 31, captured the incredible scene in Klein Brak Mossel Bay, South Africa, on a cage diving boat.

He was diving with a tourist when the curious Great White came up to the cage’s bars to nudge it – and even have a nibble.

Circling the metal structure, the shark bit the bars as the unnamed female tourist looked on – before mercifully swimming away.

Shark enthusiast Mark, from Preston, used a GoPro Hero to film the fearsome creature – and it was not his first close encounter.

The specialist frequently takes tourists out to experience diving with sharks while safely contained in the confines of a cage.

“The great white sharks are super inquisitive, they quite often come to check out the cage and see what all the commotion is,” Mark said.

“They bump and mouth the cage inquisitively and relatively gently which can look scary but it’s never aggressive behaviour.

“If they really wanted to get into the cage they would try harder.”

He added: “We do get people who are scared in the beginning but they quickly realise the sharks aren’t interested in them.”

It comes after Mark captured jaw-dropping footage showing the inside of a shark’s sharp-toothed mouth.

The footage shows the great white shark opening its giant jaws to reveal all of its sparkling and sharp gnashers.

Despite its proximity to his face, Mark insisted he never felt scared or uncomfortable.

Instead, he was impressed by how gentle the beast had been.

But if less laidback than Mark about close proximity to the sizeable beasts, you might want to read this expert advice on shark attacks.

Veteran shark analyst Ralph Collier, who has written books on the subject including Shark Attacks of the Twentieth Century, told holidaymakers to avoid wearing glittering jewellery in the sea.

The glint of your bling could be mistaken for a fish by a hungry shark.

The advice is particularly important – after a champion freediver was this week savaged on a training dive.

Dramatic video footage shows Cristian Castaño being helped by friends when an oceanic white tip shark attacked him and bit his right leg in the Caribbean.

Blood can be seen smeared over the side of the vessel before the athlete was taken to shore and off to hospital.

Thankfully, Cristian survived – later posting a photo from his hospital bed on Instagram, showing his leg and hands in bandages.

The Colombian diver even managed to joke: “You should see how the shark turned out.”

MEDIADRUMThe ‘inquisitive’ shark circled the diving cage in the South African bay[/caption]

MEDIADRUMThe ten-foot great white even rammed the bars[/caption]

MEDIADRUMBut the divers seemed excited enough to have seen the killing machine[/caption]

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