I was ‘raped’ by Premier League footballer when I was a teen…a comment his friend made left me with a specific question

A WOMAN who claims she was raped by a Premier League star says a comment from his friend sent alarm bells ringing.

The complainant, named as Chloe, alleges the footballer attacked her at a party eight years ago when she 19.

GettyThe footballer allegedly raped the woman at a party[/caption]

She has admitted her memories are hazy about the alleged ordeal but claims she wasn’t drunk and never consented to sex.

Chloe told the Daily Mail: “There is no way in hell that I could have been drunk enough to black out. Either something else was involved or trauma took over.

“How I felt the next day was so different from a hangover. I was overwhelmingly confused and tired more than anything.”

She was left feeling scared a few months later when a friend of the footballer “made a comment” about how much she liked a drug she had never even heard of before.

Chloe added: “Did they know?”

The alleged victim said she had never met the footballer prior to that night eight years and hasn’t seen him since.

She told how she had been hanging out in the bedroom with her housemate and the player when her friend left.

Chloe said she asked “don’t shut the door” as she was adamant nothing would happen.

She added: “The next thing I remember is my housemate back at my room, banging on the door, asking, ‘What’s going on?’

“[The footballer] had a pillow covering himself and let her in. I’m surprised he even opened the door.”

It was then Chloe discovered the footballer had filmed them together and was showing the clip to other party-goers.

At the point, she claims she was still on the bed “unable to move” and struggling to understand what had happened.

Chloe has never reported the attack to the police or her parents and told how she “completely buried it”.

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