Floyd Mayweather ‘tries to confiscate Playboy model’s crocodile skin purse’ but she sees funny side

FLOYD MAYWEATHER jokingly tried to confiscate a Playboy model’s crocodile purse.

The legendary boxer bumped into Victoria Bonya, who asked Mayweather for a photo.

Floyd Mayweather shared a photo with Playboy model Victoria BonyaINSTAGRAM @victoriabonya

INSTAGRAM @victoriabonyaVictoria claimed Mayweather tried to confiscate her purse[/caption]

INSTAGRAM @victoriabonyaThe Russian appeared on the front cover of Playboy in 2011[/caption]

She boasts more than 10million Instagram followersINSTAGRAM @victoriabonya

He was happy to oblige as Victoria revealed she was a big fan.

The pair shook hands as they went their separate ways with a member of Mayweather’s entourage asking the Russian if she wanted to give the fighter her purse.

She replied “no” and later claimed Mayweather tried to confisacte it off her during their meeting.

Victoria shared a video of the encounter on Instagram along with the caption: “Floyd wanted to confiscate my crocodile purse .

“Here is the meeting! You know how much I love boxing! More than any other sport. Now I have a photo with the legend ”

Victoria is a big star in her own right with more than 10million Instagram followers.

She once claimed she was best friends with Neymar after revealing she was the only guest who brought him a gift at his birthday party a few years ago.

Victoria was once linked to former Manchester United star Marouane Fellaini after going on a date with the Belgian.

While she also claimed she had been accused of being a Russian spy in the past.

The television presenter – who appeared on a Playboy cover in 2011 – said customs officials asked her questions about Russian leader Vladimir Putin while her luggage was scanned in March 2017.

Victoria once claimed to be best friends with Neymar

She has been accused of being a Russian spy

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