Spain weather warning with temperatures set to hit 39C as Brits jet off for the school holidays & hit the Magaluf strip

THE mercury is set to hit 39C on the Magaluf strip as much of Europe continues to be scorched by boiling weather.

Brits are continuing to jet off to Majorca to enjoy the sun, as a yellow weather warning has been issued across much of southern Spain.

SolarpixBrits have continued to soak up the sun[/caption]

SolarpixThe beers are still flowing in Magaluf[/caption]

The hot weather will persist through the weekend, and could hit 39C in Vega del Segura tomorrow.

Marbella will see temperatures of more than 40C, with some parts of the interior of the region seeing 42C.

The heat is so intense that even palm trees are wilting, with one filmed snapping in half.

Local media said that between July 17 and 18, nearly a dozen palm trees in Alicante province met the same fate.

Elche, Benidorm, and Torrevieja are among the places where palms have come crashing down amid the scorching heat.

In recent days, Benidorm Brits have continued to hit the booze as they defy heat storm Charon.

But in true “keep calm and carry on” style, nothing was going to ruin these Brits’ getaways as they smiled through the heat in the Spanish party town.

The Foreign Office has also warned Brits heading to Europe to take care due to the possible health risks associated with “extreme” heat, particularly in Spain and Greece.

Holidaymakers are being advised to avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as the mercury rises in countries across the Mediterranean.

Forecasters from the United Nations‘ weather agency the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) have warned that the hot weather is expected to persist into the start of August.

The UN agency said the weather – which is refusing to relent even overnight – brings an increased risk of heart attacks and deaths.

Weather experts have declared 2023 an El Niño year – a natural phenomenon that occurs cyclically and causes fluctuations in the global climate.

AemetMuch of Spain remains under a yellow warning[/caption]

EPAMalaga has seen temperatures soar[/caption]

SolarpixThe heat hasn’t deterred tourists from flocking to the sun[/caption]

Getty – ContributorBeaches have been packed with those looking to escape the heat[/caption]

ReutersAirports in the region remain slammed by tourists despite the heat[/caption]

SolarpixThe strip was deserted earlier this week during the scorching heat[/caption]

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