Reality TV star leaves fans disgusted after sharing sick Snapchat video running over deer

A REALITY TV star has been slammed by disgusted fans after he shared a twisted Snapchat video of himself running over a deer.

Farmer Matt Trewin, 28, who appeared in Australia‘s Farmer Wants a Wife series, faced backlash after posting the clip on Snapchat.

SevenFarmer Matt Trewin shared a video of himself running over a deer[/caption]

InstagramThe former reality contestant was slammed over the hunting video he posted[/caption]

The sickening footage shows the former reality contestant running over and killing a deer while hunting.

The video was then shared by one of his followers who wrote in the caption: “Matt Trewin thought it would be funny to put up a Snapchat story of him literally running over a sambar deer.”

In the video Matt is seen swerving across the road trying to hit the animal, So Dramatic! reported.

While deer hunting in Victoria is legal, there are certain rules in place such as specific locations and times of the year hunting is allowed while hunters must hold a license.

Matt was seen chasing the deer around 9.30pm.

According to Australia‘s laws, hunters must only use appropriate and approved firearms.

Under the Wildlife Game Regulations Act and the Wildlife Act, terrorising animals with a car is not considered a legal hunting method.

The code details that “the improper and illegal use of vehicles is considered to be highly unethical”.

It adds that hunters “must avoid mechanised pursuit in any form” as “a true hunter makes every effort to ensure the contest is as fair as possible”.

The laws do state, however, that if deer are “causing damage”, they can be “controlled using methods that aren’t permitted for recreational hunting, under strict controls”.

“But they cannot be destroyed without authorisation.”

When contacted by the outlet regarding the video, Matt responded that he “can’t help if [the deer are] on the road”.

He said: “I have a game hunting licence and I also have permits to remove them from private property.”

The Sun Online has contacted Matt for a comment.

SevenMatt said he “cannot help it if deers are on the road”[/caption]

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