I’m homeless so I moved into a cave – but my multi-millionaire neigbours want me gone because I ‘spoil their view’

A HOMELESS man living in a cave says his multi-millionaire neighbours what him gone for spoiling their view.

Awhi moved into the ancient structure across from wealthy homeowners in the exclusive New Zealand beach town of Mount Maunganui during lockdown.

Stuff LimitedHomeless man Awhi is living in a cave in one of the richest parts of New Zealand[/caption]

The 64-year-old had been rough sleeping in a local park before being moved along when restrictions increased in 2020.

He and little dog Soxs have decorated the dwelling with patterned rugs, and toy cars with teddy bears left behind at the beach by kids have been placed by the cave entrance.

Some shelves hold pantry-style items such as canned goods, cups and other crockery in a miniature kitchen set-up.

A stand-up paddle board has been popped across a table for privacy, as he is just a stone’s throw away from one of the world’s most famous beaches.

But his simple lifestyle is driving millionaire neighbours mad, according to the Maori man.

Awhi said the wealthy locals have held meetings about getting him kicked out of the cave, once used as a carving school, and also enlisted the help of Tauranga MP Simon Bridges.

He told Stuff: “They are all millionaires along here.

“They would rather get me out of here. They had a meeting of the residents about me being here.

“They had a thing with the Tauranga MP, he got on to the council.”

Bridges confirmed some fuming locals had reached out to him to complain about Awhi’s mates drinking and partying into the early hours.

He said: “It is not so much Awhi, they tell me, but it is more the mates and hangers-on that come along – drinking, parties, noise… graffiti, breaking into nearby building sites – even fires.”

The MP added: “If I had a couple of million dollars of mortgage there I might feel the same.

“I acknowledge it is complex and we don’t want to lack compassion here. It is saddening at every level.

“You have got the most expensive properties in New Zealand outside of Auckland, up against homelessness and social problems.”

But, despite the police being called out several times, Awhi said he they had “come to an understanding”.

The rough sleeper said the authorities can “moan and groan” but he won’t be forced out.

If I had a couple of million dollars of mortgage there I might feel the same.”

Tauranga MP Simon Bridges

And, the council said “as he is homeless, we are not able to move him”.

“There is no housing out there, mate. It was the only place I could find shelter, in the rock,” Awhi added.

“It might seem pretty grim but to me it is just a shelter, somewhere to stay warm.”

Awhi, who used to work in forestry and as a builder, spoke on how he came to find himself homeless.

“My family were from here. I went to school, went away, got married, had children, my mother died, so I came home,” he explained.

“Things didn’t work out at home, so I just hit the road again.”

But the upbeat 64-year-old said he’s content where he is and enjoys a ride on an old BMX bike twice a day.

“I am not gonna live forever, but I’d like to stay as long as I can, until the time comes,” he said.

“I get up in the morning, the sun is shining and I am still above the ground.”

This comes as homeless charity, Under the Stars, also has Awhi on their radar.

Co-ordinator Laura Wood said: “I heard there was a guy living in a cave, and we went and dropped off some food.

“He seems very personable – he has got an awesome space there.”

Stuff LimitedThe millionaire neighbours want him out[/caption]

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