Horror moment road EXPLODES in mystery blast leaving one dead and dozens injured

THIS is the horrific moment a road exploded in a mystery blast that left one dead and dozens injured.

The devastating explosion, which destroyed a Johannesburg street in the South African Central Business District yesterday, has sent shock waves through the city.

AFPA huge hole has been left behind in the wake of the horrific explosion[/caption]

AFPThe blast has torn through the road on Bree Street and left one person dead[/caption]

Chilling CCTV footage showed the road being blown up in seconds, sending cars and vans flying onto the pavement.

One man was captured narrowly avoiding potentially fatal injuries as he leapt away from a small coach crashing down beside him.

The terrifying incident sparked chaos on the Johannesburg street, sending members of the public running for help.

Officials have not yet determined the cause of the Bree Street disaster but citizens have been warned to avoid a cordoned-off 1 km area.

Surrounding buildings are also being assessed by experts for structural damage.

The power of the blast saw some motorists stuck in their cars and dozens needed medical attention.

Robert Mulaudzi, a spokesperson for Johannesburg Emergency Services (EMS) confirmed at least 11 people were injured and one seriously harmed.

Tragically it has also been reported than one person lost their life in the wake of the horrific explosion.

Some local residents have reported the smell of gas, leading to one theory the blast was a result of a leak.

However Egoli Gas, which manages the source below the street, denied any sign of this.

In a tweet, it said: “It is unlikely that the explosion in Johannesbury CBD, Bree Street, was caused by a gas pipeline or leak. 

“Our network has experienced no pressure loss which indicates the gas pipelines are intact.

“Our customers in the area continue to receive gas uninterrupted.”

AFPThe road has been completely destroyed by the mystery incident[/caption]

AFPSome people had to be rescued from their cars as the tarmac blew up beneath them[/caption]

AFPThe cause of the explosion is still unknown but some locals reported the smell of gas[/caption]

AFPOne man has been killed and dozens left injured[/caption]

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