Doctors brushed off my son’s wonky eye as a virus… but the truth was every mum’s worst nightmare

A MUM has claimed that doctors told her that her son’s wonky eye was a virus – but the truth was so much worse.

Laura Kelly is urging parents to “trust their gut” after her and husband Cheyne’s lives were “turned upside down” by little Noah’s shock diagnosis.

Laura Kelly says doctors misdiagnosed her son Noah’s conditioninstagram

His symptoms first appeared in the form of unusual eye movementsinstagram

Noah, from Sydney, Australia, began experiencing unusual eye movements when he was 16-months-old.

His eye was turning inwards and he began to struggle to walk properly.

His parents say medics put this down to a virus interfering with his eye muscles.

However, they were devastated when an MRI revealed a tumour “the size of a small mandarin” in his brain.

The couple told MailOnline: “In the middle of the night, Noah threw up and we found him shaking with a fever, so we drove over to the emergency department at 3am.

“They concluded his cross-eye was due to an issue with his eye muscles and suggested it could be resolved using either glasses or eye patches.

“They also sent us home knowing we were due to see the eye specialist in a few days.”

The scan found that Noah was suffering from stage 4 brain cancer.

The revelation was especially crushing given that Noah is their “miracle baby”, as he was born in the wake of Laura enduring two miscarriages.

She said: “It was devastating news to receive, and nothing any parent wants to hear about their baby.

“The hardest part was the waiting.

“There are so many beautiful children that are riddled with this devastating disease, but when it is your own, it really hits home and your whole world comes crashing down.

“Simple things, like spending time together as a family and celebrating special milestones have been impacted as it is difficult to plan when Noah will be well enough to experience activities together.”

Noah has had surgery and chemotherapy in an attempt to cure him and his parents say his condition is improving.

The family have opened a GoFundMe page to help fund his treatment and have praised their loved ones and local community for all the support they’ve received.

An MRI revealed that he has stage 4 brain cancerinstagram

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