Do NOT approach a hungry lion, says Tiger King star Carole Baskin in urgent warning as beast roams the streets of Berlin

TIGER King star Carole Baskin has issued an urgent warning over what to do if you come face-to-face with a hungry lion.

The advice comes as a big cat, believed to be a lioness, is reportedly on the loose in Berlin, Germany.

The Mega AgencyTiger King’s Carole Baskin has revealed what to do if you run into a hungry lion[/caption]

Cops in Berlin are hunting a suspected lioness after it was spotted yesterdayBNO News

Carole told The Sun that the “alarming” reports raise “serious concerns” about where the beast came from and how it was contained.

German authorities have been baffled by the sightings as no local zoo, circus or wildlife sanctuary has reported a creature missing.

The Netflix star advised: “My guidance to anyone who encounters her is to keep their distance and contact authorities immediately.

“Do not approach or interact with her, as she may interpret it as aggression.

“If raised by humans she will be more inclined to fight than flee.

“Her powerful natural weapons mean any direct contact risks severe injury.”

Carole also warned search teams that tranquillizer darts may not be effective if the animal is “amped up on adrenaline” and urged them to be cautious.

She speculated that the cat may be an unregistered exotic pet that has escaped from a personal collection.

Cops in Berlin are currently trying to track the beast down after it was spotted in the southern area of the city chasing a wild boar.

Iona Cleave, a foreign news reporter for The Sun, provided an update on the situation, saying: “The police are currently hunting for it everywhere.

“They’ve got a massive force deployed.

“They’re using hunters, helicopters, vets, everything and they still can’t locate the animal.”

A 15-ton special task force armoured vehicle known as “Survivor” also entered the hunt today.

A police spokesperson this morning said: “We have deployed massive forces at the site to protect the population.”

“We are currently working on the assumption that the animal is a lioness.”

Carole, meanwhile, added that she hoped for a “swift and peaceful” solution to the hunt, with no harm coming to the animal or any of those searching for it.

AlamyCarole advised keeping your distance and contacting authorities immediately[/caption]

EPAGerman police are baffled as no lioness has been reported missing from local zoos or circuses[/caption]

EPAA ‘massive force’ has been deployed to track the beast down[/caption]

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