Ekiti PDP Congress: Leaders reject fresh election by Abuja delegates

Some leaders of the People’s Democratic Party PDP in Ekiti state have rejected plans by the party representatives from Abuja to conduct a fresh election.

The party had earlier held an election monitored by INEC, police, and other stakeholders in the state in line with the constitution of the party.

The chairman of PDP in Ekiti state, Chief Gboyega Oguntuase said ” election has been held in all the wards in the morning while votes had been recorded for all contestants without any crisis or rancour but it is unfortunate that the delegates are now planning to conduct another election.

He alleged that the representative of the party from Abuja had been bribed by Fayose which made them call for fresh election at a late hour of the day so as to perpetrate their evil plans.

“Can election be conducted at this time of the day when people had gone to their homes Oguntuase asked?.

The PDP chairman called on the national leadership of the party to call those sent to Ekiti for the conduct of the poll to order and direct them to cut off the planned purported election.

Also, speaking Senator Biodun Olujimi expressed dissatisfaction over the behavior of the party’s national delegates in the state, saying how could an election that was concluded in the morning be re-conducted.

Senator Olujimi told journalists that they had announced an 8 am time for congress. At 8 am, we found out that INEC, Police, DSS, NSCDC and the electoral officers were already at the various wards. We allowed them to do what they wanted to do and of course, they conducted the congresses, everybody signed.

And at about 12.30, everybody had dispersed. When the chairman of the electoral committee, the deputy governor of Taraba State came in rather late about 3.15 and had to do protocols in the govt house to show his presence. He came into the party office at about 4 pm and said well, since he had just come, the congress had to be redone. We were wondering why the congress would be redone because it had been done and everybody had signed.

We suspected that some people had compromised and so, when he said people should go, we said there should be two options that result be upheld because everybody was present, that if it is not upheld, that we postpone it to a proper date when everybody can be there again, but he said no, that he will go on with it this night.

Now that it has been ordered, soldiers had been mobilized to go in buses to go and hijack and threaten everybody that has been asked to go back so that they can write.
All we are asking is simple, if you are cancelling, let us do it at a proper date and time appointed by the party. When people are struggling like this, it smacks of failure. When you have failed, that is when you start struggling for little things because this is an election into wards that is supposed to be a normal everyday thing. But you find a set of people struggling to write results, we will not accept it. it will not happen. Except of course litigation and then we tear the party apart which I pray does not happen.

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