National grid collapse was partial, restoration complete — TCN

By Kachi Ekile

Following the collapse of the national grid on Saturday, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has shared an update, saying that the restoration process is complete.

Speaking via a statement issued on Sunday, TCN Public Affairs General Manager, Ndidi Mbah revealed that the collapse was due to a partial disturbance of the grid.

She added the latest development  “brings to three, the partial grid disturbances, with one total disturbance this year.”

Speaking further, Mbah shared that the unexpected tripping of three units of a power-generating station may have triggered the incident as it abruptly removed 313MW from the grid, leading to the system instability that resulted in the loss of bulk supply to a section of the national grid.

“Meanwhile, the system operator reacted to the sudden drop in generation which led to a dip in frequency by islanding a section of the grid which includes the Ibom Power Station through which the company continued to feed Uyo, Aba, Itu, Eket, Calabar, etc. even when the other section of the grid had no supply.

“Also, the operators commenced grid restoration efforts immediately after the incident. At about 21.57 hrs yesterday, the entire part of the grid that was affected by today’s incident was successfully restored,” she stated.



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