From massaging a specific part of your body to the exact time to drink coffee – six hacks to give you an energy boost

YOU’D be forgiven for thinking that energy drinks help keep your eyes open.

But new research suggests they are messing with our sleep.

GettyWe reveal easy tips to help you stay alert without energy drinks[/caption]

A study found that 18 to 35-year-olds who guzzle them daily kip for around 30 minutes less than those who drink them occasionally or not at all.

The more a person drank, the fewer hours of sleep they had.

Kirsten Jones has a few easy tips to help you stay alert without energy drinks – and you won’t be up at night.

Massage your ears

OUR lug holes are not just for listening. According to boffins, ears are full of pressure points that boost blood flow and put off the need to nap.

Using your finger and thumb, rub gently back and forth down the edge of each ear.

The rubbing motion wakes up nerve endings and brings increased blood to your head, making you feel more alert.

Light a cinnamon candle

WHO knew scented candles were so helpful? More than just a mood booster, the aroma of cinnamon is believed to make you feel more motivated and energised.

If cinnamon is not your thing, try peppermint essential oil or sip a peppermint tea.

The minty freshness is enough to give you a short-term blast of brain power.

No coffee before 10.30am

GettySipping your favourite latte at 10.30am could give you a greater effect[/caption]

MOST of us reach for the kettle first thing.

But hold off for a few hours and you may feel a greater benefit.

Studies claim that our cortisol levels – also known as the stress hormone – are highest between 8am and 9am.

Sipping your favourite latte at 10.30am gives that cortisol time to settle down, and the energising boost you get from your cuppa will have a better effect.

Wear red

GettyScientists claim that seeing red makes our reactions faster and more intense[/caption]

THE colour red is usually associated with danger – think of all those warning signs and red traffic lights – but it is not all bad news.

Scientists claim that when we see the colour it gives muscles a jolt and makes our reactions faster and more intense.

It might only be a short-lived effect on our energy levels, but every little helps!

Watch a funny show

THE saying “a laugh a day keeps the doctor away” might actually be true, especially if you enjoy a good old sitcom.

When participants in an American study were shown 12-minute comedy clips, they reported feeling less tense and more energised compared to when they watched non-funny clips.

Now there’s an excuse to see Friends for the umpteenth time . . . 

Swap hands to do tasks

GettyBrushing your teeth with the other hand could trick your brain into releasing dopamin[/caption]

EVER tried brushing your teeth with the other hand? It’s a challenge, but your brain will reward you.

Scientists claim you can trick your brain into releasing dopamine – the happy hormone that makes you alert – simply by trying something new.

Drink your cuppa with your other hand and feel refreshed.

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