Plus-sized YouTuber Edgar Landaverde, 37, ‘dies of heart attack’ after finding fame online doing food reviews

A PLUS-sized YouTuber famous for doing online food reviews has tragically died at the age of 37.

Edgar Landaverde, better known as Callejas 503, was renowned for making food blogs while visiting local joints and sharing them with his fans online.

Jam PressYouTuber Edgar Landaverde has tragically died at the age of 37[/caption]

The plus-size food blogger was famous for his online food reviewsJam Press

Jam PressLandaverde had more than 178,000 YouTube subscribers after he began his channel in 2012[/caption]

Landaverde’s family took to Instagram on June 6 to share the shocking news with his loyal followers.

They said: “It is a painful truth for the family, but we are making it public to all media: our beloved Callejas 503 has left this world.

“We thank each one of you for the love and support you have shown him.”

While the family did not confirm the cause of his untimely death, fans speculate the food blogger might have had a heart attack.

A funeral service for Landaverde was held last week along with a memorial service that as live-streamed for his followers.

The family added: “We ask for your understanding and respect for the family’s grief. We appreciate all of the messages, support and love.”

Tributes from fans across the globe have now poured in for the star YouTuber.

One such fan wrote: “We’re going to miss you, The Big Callejas.

“Your last ride through the streets in your Toyota or on your motorcycle, you always brought us joy on sad days.

“It breaks my heart that I won’t be able to see you on YouTube any more like I used to.”

Another mourner expressed: “Rest in peace Callejitas, I remember when I got COVID in 2021 and I left the hospital, your videos were very helpful in lifting my spirits.

“You are already resting king.”

At the time of his death, Landaverde had more than 178,000 YouTube subscribers after he began his channel in 2012.

He would document food reviews, travel moments and funny bits from his daily life.

In one of his videos, Landaverde complained that social media wasn’t valued in El Salvador.

He fumed: “I really appreciate it when brands or people value my work because here in my country, El Salvador, brands don’t support content creators.

“They prefer to pay a fortune to be on TV, even though we could probably give them better publicity… Most companies try to pay you with barter deals and are reluctant to invest in you, while they spend big money elsewhere, on radio and TV.

“But who watches TV or listens to the radio anymore? Everything is online now.”

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Jam PressThe official cause of death has not yet been revealed by his family[/caption]

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