Map shows where to find the cheapest McDonald’s Big Mac

The McCheapest app shows the prices of a Big Mac at McDonald’s locations across the US (Picture: McCheapest)

With many McDonald’s customers complaining about high prices, a British analyst has created a map to find the cheapest to most expensive Big Macs across America.

Titled McCheapest, the app ‘tracks the price of Big Mac at every McDonald’s location across the US’, according to its website.

The map by Sacha Fournier includes countless dots across the US, color coded from green for lowest prices, to orange to red for the highest.

It poses the question, ‘How much does your Big Mac cost?’ and allows users to hover over each dot and click to see the location, price and when the amount was last updated.

McDonald’s customers have complained about an increase in prices (Picture: Shutterstock)

The map shows a clear divide down the middle of the country, with the east section having a higher concentration of McDonald’s locations versus the west.

In the right half, many green dots appear in the Midwest and South and Southeast regions. The Northeast is where many of the dots are orange and some red.

Meanwhile, the left half of the US map is a mix of different colored dots. The highest concentration of McDonald’s appear to be in California, which has a mix of green and orange dots, as well as some red but not as many as in the Northeast. A cluster of red dots are also spread out across Arizona and the surrounding states.

The cheapest Big Mac is revealed to be $3.49 in Stigler, Oklahoma. The most expensive was a whopping $8.09 in Lee, Massachusetts.

McDonald’s has vowed to lower prices and has offered promotions and discounts (Picture: Getty Images)

McCheapest is part of Pantry & Larder, which offers expert food advice and recipes.

The map is being used amid a recent slew of complaints from the fast food chain’s enthusiast over rising prices.

In January, a McDonald’s customer shared a receipt showing he was charged $7.29 per Egg McMuffin. And last year, a McDonald’s franchise in Fairfield County, Connecticut, charged $18 for a Big Mac meal.

McDonald’s executives have vowed to lower prices amid backlash. But the relief is coming more in the form of promotions and discounts on the app. In the UK, the chain slashed the prices on the Big Mac and other items for a single day in February.

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