JNTSCN Appoints Okoisor As Delta Chair, Launches i-Report Taskforce

The Joint National Transport Safety Committee of Nigeria (JNTSCN) has appointed Mr. Okoisor Armstrong Ikemefuna as the Delta State chairman and South-South regional coordinator.

The move comes alongside the inauguration of the I-Report Special Taskforce Unit of the Committee, aimed at enhancing safety measures nationwide.

During a recent meeting in Lagos, Mr. Mogbojuri Taiwo Oluwadamilare, the National Chairman of JNTSCN, underscored the imperative for collaborative efforts among government agencies and stakeholders to mitigate the devastating impact of truck accidents on lives and property.

Mr. Okoisor Armstrong Ikemefuna’s extensive experience in transport and logistics positions him as a valuable asset in promoting transport safety standards and compliance in Delta State and the wider South-South region.

Highlighting the severity of the situation, Mr. Mogbojuri emphasised the need for immediate intervention to address the escalating toll of truck accidents, aligning with the national agenda for renewal and progress.

The establishment of the Joint National Road Safety Committee Nigeria aims to coordinate efforts among relevant ministries, departments, agencies, and institutions to enforce safety regulations and prevent road accidents.

Aligned with the ECOWAS Road Safety Policy, the committee’s formation was a response to the pressing need for comprehensive measures to ensure road safety across West Africa.

Comprising representatives from various governmental bodies, transport associations, and industry stakeholders, the committee is committed to implementing robust safety protocols and advocating for compliance with minimum safety standards.

Mr. Mogbojuri stressed the urgency of extending advocacy efforts for safety compliance nationwide. The JNTSCN plans to launch a comprehensive advocacy and sensitization campaign across the South-South states, with a focus on enhancing safety regulations among truckers, raising awareness about safe loading practices, and reducing incidents of container falls and truck accidents.

Key measures to enhance the program include enforcing safety standards through driver training, certification, and stringent adherence to regulations. Additionally, ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage for trucks and goods, coupled with welfare packages for certified truck drivers, will further promote safety on the roads.

In his address, Mr. Okoisor highlighted the prevalent issues contributing to truck accidents, including overloading, untrained drivers, substance abuse, fatigue, and inadequate maintenance. Addressing these challenges is essential to minimizing risks and ensuring safer road conditions for all.

The launch of the I-Report Special Taskforce Unit marks a significant milestone in enhancing accident reporting and monitoring non-compliance with safety standards nationwide. This specialized unit will play a pivotal role in collecting and analyzing data to facilitate informed decision-making and proactive interventions.

The JNTSCN calls upon all stakeholders to unite in the collective effort to curb the menace of truck accidents. Through sustained advocacy, regulatory enforcement, and collaborative initiatives, the committee aims to create safer roads and prevent further loss of lives and property in Nigeria.

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