Ed Davey fined for speeding down the M1

Ed Davey was caught speeding on a section of the M1 near Caddington, Bedfordshire (Picture: Reuters)

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey has been caught speeding down the M1.

The MP for Kingston and Surbiton has been enjoying himself on the campaign trail with his antics and eye-catching stunts but landed himself with a speeding conviction.

Mr Davey was caught going 73mph over a temporary 60mph speed limit area near Caddington, Bedfordshire.

While he was given a fixed penalty notice and a speed awareness course, he failed to give his driving licence details to police in an embarrassing blunder in March.

The case was therefore brought to the court against him in a full criminal prosecution.

In a letter to magistrates Mr Davey wrote: ‘I apologise.

‘The only mitigation for failing to provide my licence details was just being super-busy and failing to read the form fully.’

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The Liberal Democrat leader has been pulling off stunts during the election campaign like falling into some water while paddleboarding (Picture: Getty Images)

He also enjoyed riding down the Ultimate Slip n Slide attraction near Frome, Somerset (Picture: Rod Minchin/PA Wire)

Mr Davey has been touring the country on a big campaign bus (Picture: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

He wrote after pleading guilty: ‘I cannot remember the speeding offence itself – though I believe this is the first time a variable speed limit camera system has registered me.

‘I have never contested the police’s evidence. Indeed, I had previously indicated that I was the driver, and accepted fault for the incident, within the relevant timescales. I also paid the fine (or at least attempted to).’

Mr Davey was dealt with through the Single Justice Procedure which involves a magistrate dealing with a criminal case behind closed doors.

Written evidence from police and Mr Davey’s guilty plea were examined by the magistrate before a sentence was handed.

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He was given a £72 fine at Luton magistrates court, with a £28 victim surcharge. 

Mr Davey was spared the prosecution costs of the case which is rare.

A spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats said: ‘Ed inadvertently broke the speed limit on the M1, which he is sorry for. He has paid the fine and accepted the points on his licence.’

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