76 Terrorists Surrender, 57 Arrested In Lake Chad

Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has said 176 Boko Haram terrorists have surrendered, and 57 individuals suspected of involvement in insurgency in the Lake Chad region have been apprehended.

The force commander of MNJTF’s “Operation Lake Sanity II”, Maj Gen Ibrahim Sallau Ali, stated this yesterday during a press conference held at the Officers Mess of Theatre Command, JTF “Operation Hadin Kai”, Maimalari Cantonment in Maiduguri.

Gen. Ali said the force had commenced a major operation to sanitise the Lake Chad area of terrorist remnants and recorded substantial achievements on April 23, 2023.
He said the operation involved troops from Cameroon, Chad, and Niger Republics, which have cleared key terrorist strongholds in the Lake Chad area, including Doron Naira, Zanari, and Bagadaza.

“In a breakthrough in the fight against terrorism, the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) has achieved significant success in the Lake Chad region, dealing decisively with the terrorist groups operating in the Areas of Responsibility including Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria in the past one month.

“Additionally, a significant cache of armaments, including 796 rounds of ammunition, one PKM machine gun, five AK-47 rifles, two motorcycles, and eight magazines, have been recovered.

“In the past month, our dedicated troops have been relentless in their efforts, recently clearing some locations such as Doron Naira, Zanari, Bagadaza, and other key terrorist strongholds in Lake Chad area.

“It is essential to acknowledge the sacrifices made during this phase; although, regrettably, we have recorded six casualties among the multinational troops since the operation began,” Gen Ali said.

The force commander added that air interdictions conducted by national air forces from Chad, Nigeria, and Cameroon have also been highly effective, destroying crucial terrorist logistic bases and staging areas, particularly around Tumbum Fulani and other key locations.

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