Map shows how new London express bus route could be extended

The route of the proposed new ‘Bakerloop’ (Picture:

People in east London could soon be connected to the centre with a new express bus service.

It’s not quite the extension to the Bakerloo tube line which has long been on the table, but it could still provide ‘the very best service across south London,’ Sadiq Khan insisted.

The Mayor of London said if he is reelected the route will run between Elephant & Castle and Lewisham, via Burgess Park, Old Kent Road and New Cross Gate.

This mirrors the 4.7-mile route of the proposed extension to the Bakerloo Tube line, which he insisted was still planned to happen in future.

It would be based on a network of express bus routes launched last summer called the ‘Superloop’, with one being the ‘Bakerloop’.

They are quicker than normal buses because they stop less frequently, similarly to express trains which only connect major stations.

Sorry but you won’t be taking this tube to Lewisham for a while yet (Picture: Getty)

Mr Khan said the plan would help people make journeys across parts of south-east London ‘much quicker and more easily’.

Transport for London (TfL) began seriously developing plans for the Bakerloo tube extension in 2014, but progress has stalled due to a lack of funding.

A TfL document published in February stated that the extension is estimated to cost between £5 billion and £8 billion and construction could begin from 2030.

But the ‘Bakerloop’ would be funded from within existing TfL budgets, according to Mr Khan.

The mayor said: ‘I continue to make the case as strongly as ever that we need the Bakerloo line Tube extension to get under way as soon as possible, and TfL are lobbying ministers about the funding the project needs.

‘In the meantime I’m determined that we do all we can to provide the very best service across south London.

‘The election on May 2 will be close and is a choice between Labour who are building a fairer, safer, greener London for everyone – or my Tory opponent, who would take London backwards, opposed the fares freeze and voted against free school meals.’

The Conservative Party’s London mayoral candidate, Susan Hall, said: ‘This blunderloop is yet another superflop from Sadiq Khan.

‘Instead of delivering the much needed Bakerloo line extension, Sadiq Khan has decided to settle for a bus.

‘Sadiq Khan clearly isn’t listening and after he blew £30 million trying to stop the trade unions from striking, it’s no wonder TfL’s finances are in such a state.

‘I am listening to Londoners. As mayor, I will get TfL’s finances back under control, deliver these upgrades and make our transport network safer.’

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