Strengthening innovative water resource management critical for prosperous Nigeria – Group


A non-governmental organisation, Clean-up Nigeria, has called on the Federal Governemnt to strengthen innovative water resource management for human, industry, commerce and agricultural purposes to harness its immense benefits for a prosperous Nigeria.

The National Coordinator of the NGO, Mr Ene Owoh, who stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday in Abuja, stressed that water is a veritable tool for building a peaceful coexistence.

He made the call referencing the World Water Day commemorated every year on March 22.

The theme for this year’s World Water Day is “Leveraging Water for Peace,” and it calls for a reflection on the complex relationship between water, conflict and cooperation.

He said, “Water is a catalyst for peace; access to drinking water is a fundamental human right but when water is polluted or people have unequal or no access to water tension can rise and lead to conflict.

“The 2024 Water Day theme, “Water for Peace as a Tool for Fostering Global Peace the World” calls us all for action;  water, therefore, becomes a catalyst for unity rather than creating conflict.’’

“Water is critical to all living things to maintain life on earth and it also helps humans to stay hydrated to fight diseases.

“Water is used for cooking, cleaning, bathing; also to grow agricultural produce, recreation, industrial commercial and in thermo-electricity and electricity generation.

“Water is important and there is a need to protect natural resources; so I advocate for government to clean and conserve water; it is time to make peace on the planet and with nature.”



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