Locals fear growling creature heard on slope where ‘no human’ could venture

Fishermen at a lake in the South Downs are ‘on edge’ after hearing the strange sounds (Picture: Getty)

Locals living near a national park are said to be living in fear of an unknown ‘Bigfoot’ type creature.

Fishermen who visit a stunning lake in the South Downs warn that a ‘growling’ creature patrols the area – on a hill that would kill most humans if they ventured there.

The creature is said to make strange noises and has caught the attention of a Facebook group dedicated to paranormal investigations, the Daily Star reports.

The Cryptid and Paranormal Investigations group on Facebook, which particularly focuses on ‘Bigfoot’-type sightings, said some fishermen had such close calls they had to pick up sticks to scare the creature away.

Member Mike Brown wrote: ‘I felt incredibly on edge and it was a feeling I can honestly say I had never experienced before or since. It really was as if something was watching me and I was not welcome.’

But the area where the beast was allegedly patrolling had an incline so steep that ‘no human’ could scale it, Mike said.

Witnesses claimed to see the massive creature at night (Picture: Getty)

He explained: ‘I think though the most standout thing is the terrain being covered in the dark, it sounds dangerous enough to attempt in the daylight let alone in the dark!

‘When you can’t see any obvious signs of torchlight, that’s the really scary part because no human could do it without suffering injury.

‘I hope to never hear it again.’

‘Cryptids’ mean animals which are believed or theorised to potentially exist somewhere in the wild, but whose existence is not yet proven – such as the beast of Bodmin Moor, the Loch Ness Monster, or Bigfoot.  

In Devon, massive footprints were spotted on a coastal path last month, baffling locals.

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A group were walking with Rock Solid Coasteering when they stumbled upon the ‘mysterious’ footprint, which they believe could belong to Bigfoot.

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The large footprint was found near Maidencombe on the Torquay coast path this weekend, as some have questioned who – or what – it belongs to.

They said that although the path was muddy, these large footprints ‘emerged’ from the nearby woods at Watcombe.

The footprints came from the woods and followed the coast path for roughly 20 metres before it veered off back to the woodland.

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