BIGAiD Foundation Holds Gaps In Healthcare Debate February 22

A pro-healthcare organisation, BIGAiD Foundation will on February 22 holds its flagship event, the BIGAiD Debate 1.0 at the National Merit Award House in Maitama, Abuja.

The event usually serves as a critical platform where thought leaders, policymakers and healthcare professionals converge to deliberate on pressing healthcare challenges faced by Nigeria.

With a focus on “The Big Gap,” the upcoming event is aimed at identifying and closing the gap on “Healthcare Disparities. A Call to Action.”

The event will address the multifaceted issues of healthcare accessibility, quality, and affordability across rural and urban landscapes.

In a statement issued in Abuja, the organisers said as Nigeria grapples with the triage of medicine which are poverty, ignorance and disease, BIGAiD Foundation recognises the pivotal role of addressing ignorance in fostering a healthier society.

In tandem with the BIGAiD Debate 1.0, the foundation is also proud to announce a free Social Impact Entrepreneurship Training on the same day at the National Merit Award House.





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