Bodybuilder, 34, born with one kidney dies while waiting for transplant

Cristhian Annes has died aged just 34 (Picture: Instagram/ treinador_cristhianannes)

A bodybuilder who was born with one kidney has died aged just 34 while waiting for a transplant.

Cristhian Annes had waited more than a year for treatment after a routine blood test revealed his health was rapidly deteriorating.

The Brazilian influencer was placed on a transplant waiting list two months ago but there were still 69 people ahead of him.

He was then rushed to hospital on January 20 when he became more ill.

But he died on Monday while awaiting his new organ.

Cristhian, who worked as a personal trainer, only had one kidney since birth but it had never previously caused him any problems, according to his girlfriend Wanna Teixeira.

However, in 2022, the bodybuilding coach, whose real name is Hans Christian Dyck Annes, was told his only kidney was not functioning properly.

Annes only had one kidney from birth (Picture: Instagram/ treinador_cristhianannes)

Wanna has a phobia of needles and when she needed a routine blood test, he promised to get one too to help reassure her.

It was after that test that doctors found his blood had high levels of creatinine and urea, indicating kidney problems.

‘He stayed quiet when he got the results because everything was off,’ his partner Wanna told the local media.

‘And he didn’t want to tell anyone. He refused to undergo treatment.’

His girlfriend Wanna said it had never caused him problems until 2022 (Picture: Instagram/ treinador_cristhianannes)

One year after getting the results, Annes explained his health issues to his coach who convinced him to seek medical help.

The poorly functioning kidney caused major complications, though, and his condition went downhill.

Wanna added: ‘Now, finally, he had hope, but there wasn’t enough time.’

Annes boasted 42,300 followers and kept them entertained with snaps of his beefy physique, as well as images of his clients’ amazing transformations.

Annes only went for a blood test because his partner Wanna needed one – but that’s when he found out he had an issue with his only kidney (Picture: Instagram/ treinador_cristhianannes)

According to the state authorities in Paraná in Brazil, where Annes lived, there were 2,011 people on the kidney transplant waiting list in December.

But in January he was told he’d moved up the queue and could receive a kidney within a few weeks.

Annes worked in gyms in Ponta Grossa and reportedly had a postgraduate degree in bodybuilding coaching and sports nutrition.

He also took part in bodybuilding championships and did some modelling work.

Wanna said he loved sports and refused to stop training, even if his doctors told him to rest.

He was laid to rest in Ponta Grossa yesterday.

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