Boy’s friends ‘killed him after Ouija board told them to’

Jose was killed after he played with a Ouija Board (Picture: NewsFlash)

A teenage boy was allegedly murdered by a group of his friends after playing with a Ouija board that ‘told them to kill him’.

Jose Mauricio Ospina, 17, was found dead, naked and wrapped face down in a sheet after playing the game with his three best friends in a house in the town of Patio Bonito, Colombia, in April last year.

The game involves using a pointer that is slid around a seance board comprising the letters of the alphabet, and the numbers 0 to 9, supposedly to contact the spirits of the dead.

His death is still being investigated – but one of the participants allegedly said that the ‘board told them to do it’.

Jose’s distraught mother, Claudia Velasquez, is demanding answers as the investigation fails to move forward.

Mum Claudia said that Jose Mauricio had been doing his high school homework on the computer the last time she saw him.

The boys had been playing with a Ouija board, it is reported (Picture: Getty)

She added: ‘I went out to run an errand and he stayed at home, but he told me that he was going to go to a school friend’s to do some homework.

‘That friend who he went to see, I know him, my son had even stayed there several times to sleep.’

When Claudia returned home around eight, he was not there, and she called him again around 11pm.

She added: ‘I fell asleep and at 4:30am, I woke up anxious because he had not come home yet.’

When Claudia called him once more, police picked up and said that they had the phone in their possession because they were responding to an emergency.

The teen’s autopsy report confirmed that he had been strangled to death and had bruises on his head, and also said that the body was moved after he died.

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Local media reported that one of the young people playing the game allegedly said that the board told them to murder someone and that it ‘chose’ Jose.

Another of his friends stated that they had taken LSD before playing the game, but toxicology reports revealed Jose did not have the drug in his system.

The friend, who has not been named, told the authorities: ‘I saw colourful figures; then, my classmates hitting the wall, and then Mauricio on the floor covered in blood. I knew that all of that was a dream.’

Claudia said of her son: ‘He was very judicious, dedicated to his studies, he had good grades, when he didn’t have school he had to go to McDonald’s to work.

‘They took my life from me and I don’t know what happened, I deserve to know the truth.’

Jose’s death is still being investigated.

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