Becoming Increte Floor Technician

Increte Flooring design in Nigeria has come a long way since it was used to cover pavements and multi-story parking garages. 

Increte flooring can be found in a wide range of properties in Nigeria and has even become an interior design trend. 

The conventional floor interlocking design or German floor design and normal wall plastering is fast phasing out and gradually being replaced with the increte flooring technology. 

Construction business experts now take advantage of the unique aesthetic of concrete/Increte floor design to give buildings the latest modern look that suites your class and fancy. 

Hence, becoming an expert in fixing of these flooring design is a money spinner in this modern age. 

The Increte flooring design adds beauty and aesthetics of hotel, residence, office floors and walls, thereby, making your building stand out from other properties within your vicinity. 

Speaking on this development, construction expert and building site developer, Mr. Olufemi Odunayo says increte designs are modernised pattern of house flooring technology that shapes the outlook of a house.

To this end, he says, technicians  in this, are always sort after and are always paid heavily for their services. Some of the technicians who do this job have tiles plastering experience, as they are both flooring aesthetics.


Floor Technician

As floor technicians, they use specialised equipment and stripping chemicals to clean, repair, and refinish floors.  They can work for a cleaning service or as a member of the custodial staff at a public building, long-term care center, or similar facility. 

They wax and buff hard surfaces and vacuum or shampoo carpeted areas. In some roles, you specialize in the restoration of natural stone flooring, removing stains and using color matching techniques to fill holes. 


Becoming a Floor Technician

Becoming a floor technician requires a higher school diploma. Your qualifications should also include knowledge of floor care equipment and products, restoration techniques and materials, and applicable safety procedures. 

You need to be able to follow written and oral instructions and meet the physical requirements needed to transport heavy equipment. You also need to be detail oriented and have strong communication skills, as your job involves frequent interaction with clients, supervisors, and team members.



LEADERSHIP SUNDAY findings revealed that, you can become a millionaire with a single project, especially, if it’s a big hotel or a big massion, as technician charges based on location and the size of the project. 

Hence, it is estimated that one can make minimum of N200,000 profit on a single project but can run into millions of Naira depending on location and size of the job. 


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