Kangiwa Meets Sports Minister On Development Of Polo Game In Nigeria

The President of Nigeria Polo Federation (NPF), Nura Sani Kangiwa, has met with the Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan Enoh, in a move to discuss the development of the game of polo in Nigeria.

Kangiwa, who in the company of other Executive Members of the Federation, paid courtesy call on the Minister of Sports Development on Wednesday, said discussions at the meeting centered on support and partnership of the Federal Ministry of Sports in the development of Polo in the country.

The Nigerian Polo Federation is the official Polo games regulator in Nigeria and is a member of Federation of International Polo (FIP), the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) and International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The NPF is recognised globally and is allowed to participate in international Polo sports arena. The Federation is subject to the rules and regulations of the FIP, which ensure that Polo organisations worldwide comply with the highest ethical standards.

The President of NPF congratulated the Minister on his recent appointment by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and expressed confidence in Senator Owan-Enoh’s ability, as the Minister of Sports, to introduce sustainable sports development programs and as well increase the contribution of Sports to Nigeria’s economy.

The NPF President had earlier explained to the Minister that Nigeria is one of the largest Polo playing countries in the world.

Kangiwa stated, “Nigeria is one of the largest Polo playing countries in the world with 27 clubs and 33 playing fields across the country. And contrary to popular opinion, Polo is not the game of the elites. It is an active team sport with people from different socio-economic backgrounds and ethnicity.”

Kangiwa sought the Ministry’s support for Nigeria Polo Federation in hosting an annual National Polo Tournament in Abuja, as well as support in NPF’s participation at International Polo tournaments and international friendlies.

The NPF President also asked for Federal Government’s support for the eradication of African Horse Sickness (AHS) and other equine healthcare needs in Nigeria.

The National President of NPF was accompanied by Abdulkarim Jibrin, the 2nd Vice-President of NPF; Sanusi Umar of NPF; and Abba Kangiwa of NPF.

Responding, the Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Owan-Enoh, thanked the NPF President and the delegation for coming to see him and acknowledged the popularity of the game of Polo in Nigeria.

He then revealed that he personally understands that Polo was not a sport of the elites alone, even though public opinion perceives Polo as such.

The Minister of Sports Development assured the delegation of his commitment to the popularisation and expansion of Polo across Nigeria, especially among Nigerian youths all over the Federation, as an equal opportunity for youth development and empowerment.

He, therefore, expressed his readiness to work with NPF on the development of Polo programmes targeting youths’ development in Nigeria.

Minister Owan-Enoh reiterated his commitment to development of Polo in Nigeria and indicated that he was willing to work with other MDAs in Nigeria, including the Ministries of Agriculture and Health, for the eradication of African Horse Sickness and other equine healthcare in Nigeria.

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